Written by cHLOE poLLARD

Exeter based DIY punk band Wrongens formed in 2018 and are making waves in the South West music scene. Full of amazing venues and surrounded by an incredible music scene, Exeter has made for an awesome place to be gigging and releasing new music! Joss, Jordan, Sam and Ollie have released two singles titled Light and Vultures this year, as well as their new EP Colours which features three more tracks; Colours, Precious Flower and No Guts.

The band take a laid back approach to producing music, never going into something with a specific aim. Guitarist Ollie Goodchild said "I’ll never go into something like…Here’s like a formula I’m gonna do this, try and write a song like this, its just sort of however it sort of comes out" and by doing that, the band make sure they’re only producing music they like and has come to them naturally. None of their music feels forced, giving it a strong connection to the band. Audience reaction always plays a huge role in judging whether a song is successful or not, "I think we can only tell if a song is good and it's sort of achieved what we want if when we play it a crowd sort of goes a bit mental for it…If people just start going mental, moshing and stage diving and stuff, I think that's pretty much all we can hope to happen with a song."

The hardcore punk band take inspiration from massive bands like Gallows and Reuben, and you can definitely hear their influence. Their sound is still completely original however, possibly due to the carefree way their music is written. Wrongens "were always gonna be quite punky and heavy," according to Ollie, "because thats…The stuff we listen to." However the band aren’t trying to channel the sounds of others, "if someone writes something and it’s good and we all like it then we try and make it into a song and thats pretty much how it's been the whole time." This attitude towards the production of their music gives them a sense of originality and brilliance in itself!

Chloe Pollard Photography

Wrongens have big goals for their music, wanting “to just be able to write songs that can make us be able to go on tour and play pretty much anywhere and see new places.” I can see these dreams becoming a reality and can definitely see a tour happening for them. Guitarist Ollie told me that the best reaction he’s received from a crowd was at The Cavern in Exeter becasue “whatever event it is

whether we've been asked to play or something we’ve organised, it's always just sick because it's always the same people who come to everything, and…The Cavern’s so good because if there is 20 people there, it's just as good if there was like 70 or 100.” 

Song wise, one of the favourites is Colours. One of the first tracks written by Ollie, the song made it as the title track of their EP. A great reaction from crowds has made this song incredibly popular both with audiences and the band, and I can see why! The high energy levels are kept up throughout the whole track and it’s fast pace makes it impossible to sit still and listen! However, due to COVID-19 things like gigs have be paused for now. Oliver told me that Wrongens haven’t been too badly affected, with one festival in January being moved back to September. 

This hasn’t dulled their love of producing music however, “I think now we’re just super keen to do stuff, I think that’s the only thing we’re just, every time we talk all we’re talking about is like being super keen to do stuff…The second we’re allowed to it’s like all right lets get jamming.” Their enthusiasm to continue producing music is refreshing and proves that the South West music scene is going to come back, and come back strong. 

With new music in the works, Wrongens are definitely a band to keep an eye on! Their EP Colours is available to listen to on Spotify and is 100% worth a listen! Make sure to follow them on social media to avoid missing out on new and exciting things!