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Don't Run | Wes Chamberlain

Wes Chamberlain is an indie pop solo artist based in the South West of the UK who’s previously featured in Flare Magazine back in April. His sound is recognisably made up of “deep guitar, heavy drums, boomy bass, sweet synths and bright vocals.” With three singles already out, Duvet, I Don't Laugh, and When A Good Man Goes To War as well a six-track EP titled A Nebulous Vision having already been released in 2020, this year is still bringing you new music!

Released today, Wes’ newest track is titled Don’t Run and is available to listen to on all major streaming platforms. Don’t Run follows on from When A Good Man Goes To War well and fits perfectly with the rest of Wes’ music. With universal messages, Wes’ music is definitely worth checking out in full! Don’t Run is the newest release and definitely keeps the sound going strong!

Wes Chamberlain Don't Run official artwork.
Image provided by Wes Chamberlain.

With a different vibe to the last release, Don't Run brings a new and stripped back feel to it which really suits his style of music. Showing off a different side to Wes’ voice, the track is chilled out and easy to listen to which only proves just how talented Wes is. Don’t Run manages to be familiar to Wes’ already established sound, but completely unique at the same time as adding something entirely new to his catalog.

A mix of layered vocals and harmonies throughout the track add another layer of depth to the track and really highlight Wes’ voice even more. Don’t Run and everything that went into making it keeps the standard set with precious releases high and definitely gives fans a reason to be excited about whatever is coming next! The track is one of those tunes that works both for when you’re actively listening to music, or when it’s just on in the background, which isn’t a small achievement!

Wes Chamberlain Don't Run promo
Image provided by Wes Chamberlain.

A unique sound and melody that’s becoming recognisable as Wes’ really makes it clear who produced this track and this is only emphasised when the instrumental section comes in. Showing a clear talent for performing this section splits up the song well and really keeps up the laid-back energy that works so well and consistently throughout the entire track.

If you haven't already, check out Wes Chamberlain on social media and on Spotify and make sure you don't miss out on today’s new single Don’t Run! Check out Duvet, I Didn't Laugh, A Nebulous Vision and When A Good Man Goes To War while you’re there too!

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Check out the single here!


Words by Chloe Pollard.

Photos provided by Wes Chamberlain.

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