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Candyfloss | lastorders

If you haven't heard of the Somerset based artist lastorders yet, then you’re seriously missing out! Described as a “musical venture that is hoping to bring something exciting and new,” lastorders is inspired by the synth-pop of the '80s and the recognisable “MySpace sound of Lily Allen and Kate Nash” - if that doesn't intrigue you I don’t know what will!

Having just released a brand new single last month, lastorders are definitely leaving an impact on the local music scene! Titled Candyfloss, the new single was released on June 4th and has a completely new and unique sound to it! Candyfloss is a perfect summary of both lastorders’ inspiration and the talent behind it. It’s definitely a single I'd recommend checking out!

Evidence of the inspiration taken from ‘80s synth-pop is there right from the start and sets the feel for the rest of the track well. It brings energy while still maintaining a stripped back feel, an unusual but really effective sound! The calmer tone of the backing leaves space for the strength of the vocals to be highlighted and with a voice like that, it would be a crime not to show it off!

With catchy lyrics, the tune is sure to be going around in your head for days and definitely leaves you wanting to hear more from lastorders which is the best effect a debut single can have in my opinion! Candyfloss is a strong debut single for lastorders that really shows off the talent and passion that goes into the project, conveying the love of music that's there well and therefore making the track seriously enjoyable to listen to!

The single really highlights every aspect of lastorders’ talent, the writing, the vocals, the production, and the lyrics all work together well to create such a solid debut single! lastorders have proven that Candyfloss works as an acoustic track too with two live performances at The Cobblestones in the last week! I’d highly recommend catching a live performance if you get the chance. It's definitely worth it!

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Check out the single here!


Words and images by Chloe Pollard.

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