Written by cHLOE poLLARD


Griff Brown, aka Petrichor is an 18-year-old musician who’s original blends of electro-pop and classic orchestral film scores are bringing something unique and distinctive to the music scene. Inspired by iconic bands within the rock scene such as Twenty-One Pilots and Muse, the influences the rock genre has had on the music are evident in Petrichor’s debut single Sleepy Winter Sun, which is available on Spotify and should definitely be checked out!

Having not really had a passion for music until four years ago, Petrichor took inspiration from the music surrounding him at the time. Griff told me that “ever since I knew I wanted to create my own stuff, it had to be different and something new,” and that dream has easily been achieved! As a self taught drummer who learnt Twenty-One Pilots’“entire discography with a pair of drumsticks and a sofa” I think we can be assured that when it’s possible to safely play live gigs again, the energy from a Petrichor show will be infectious!

Drawing on the fact that he “always had a huge love for film and epic scores” provided an interesting new direction to take music in! Heavily inspired by film music legend Danny Elfman and his Batman scores, the most important thing when writing a song for Griff is other people being able to connect with it, “​if I can reach someone with one of my songs emotionally, then I've made it. I think there's certain songs for everyone that they connect with in an extremely special way.” 

Spoken like a true film composer, it’s clear that Griff knows what it takes to get into that industry and more importantly, how to connect music to film. Defining his current style as orchestral electro-pop it could fit in so many different places, making both dreams of playing Reading & Leeds and scoring a film in the future. Griff told me that “I'm still trying to work out my sound perfectly, but as long as it's unique and stands out from a crowd, then I'm happy with it” and I think he’s managed that really well.

Starting out with a title is an uncommon way of working when it comes to writing music, but it seems to work incredibly well for Petrichor. “I have dozens of interesting words and phrases come to my head everyday, and I put them straight into my notes...I try and sit down with one of the words/phrases that stand out to me and come up with a second meaning for it.” The instrumental sections, the lyrics and the structure of the song come together throughout the process of deciding which parts make the final cut, and proves that this strategy takes a structural approach - one of the many reasons why the final tracks are so unique!


While Sleepy Winter Sun is already out and available to listen to, thankfully you won’t have to wait long for two new singles! Between Me and the Sky and As Opposed To are due to be released on January 20th and can be pre-saved here! Between Me and the Sky was written “with a friend at some point in 2017, and it took a day to finish.” As Griff’s favourite of the tracks he’s released, I can’t wait to hear it!  According to Petrichor, “the lyrics have slightly changed over the years, but I think the finished product is something that sounds so delicate yet strong,” which only makes the track more intriguing!

We’re still seeing the impact that COVID-19 has had on the arts, and the music industry is still on hold. While it has prevented any Petrichor live shows from taking place, it has provided a lot more time to prepare for the industry reopening. Having started this project in early 2020 however, this version of the music scene is all that Griff has been able to work with which has meant that he’s “be more than ready to hit the road with these songs” which I for one can’t wait for! 

Make sure to check out Petrichor on social media and streaming platforms, I think we can expect some great things in the future and you don't want to miss out on that! New singles Between Me and the Sky and As Opposed To will be released on January 20th, make sure to pre-save and give them a listen!


Interview by cHLOE poLLARD