Written by cHLOE poLLARD


Photo provided by Nick Nittoli

Hollywood based Nick Nittoli, originally hailing from Garfield has been influencing the music industry for a while now. Making his debut on Bravo’s show Platinum Hit - a reality show based around song writing - Nittoli progressed through the industry and turned his talent towards writing and producing. Having co-written and produced tracks for big names such as Snoop Dogg, French Montana and Zendaya, Nittoli has certainly left a mark on the industry.

Each of these career decisions have influenced where Nick Nittoli is now, “making my own music has always been the dream. I first got cast on Bravo's Platinum Hit...To show my skills, but ultimately I was always trying to be an artist and do my own thing.” In 2018, Nittoli struck a publishing deal with Warner Chappell Music and New Heights Entertainment

Now producing his own music, Nittoli has an archive of seven albums which are all available to stream on Spotify. While he told me that “my music means the world to me. It makes up a great portion of who I am,” of all the tracks he’s released, Nittoli’s favourite is titled I Wonder. With a music video released on YouTube a month ago, Nittoli wrote and produced the track himself and the single has been viewed over 115 thousand times already. 

Music is often produced with a message in mind, and Nick Nittoli wants “people to change after hearing my music. I want to leave a stain that lasts forever. I want people to be better humans by listening to my music.” A refreshing goal to have when going into writing and producing, especially when combined with the intention of making “a bigger change in the world.”


Photo provided by Nick Nittoli

Nittoli clearly has a knack for writing a hit song, having written for so many big names, but how do you know what you’re writing is going to be a hit? According to Nittoli, “when writing a new song vibration is very important...You can tell when you are writing a special piece of music simply by listening to your heart.” With that comes honesty, which Nittoli claims is a highly important part of the writing process, “you can feel the vibe and energy from a lyric or a melody and it either resonates or it doesn't. For me, when I'm writing, I always try to be honest with myself and level with myself on whether the song is amazing or not. Honesty can go a long way.”

I asked Nittoli, someone who’s had a great deal of success in several different areas of the music industry already, what the best piece of advice he’s been given is and what he would pass on to up and coming artists looking to make a career. He said “stay humble and outwork your talent. If you do that, you will have success” which is something we can all take on board.

With a new album coming out a few months from now and a whole load of music videos planned, Nick Nittoli fans won't have to wait long for some new content to enjoy! If you’re a fan, either a new or old one, make sure to check out Nick Nittoli on social media to make sure you don't miss any of these new updates!


Interview by cHLOE poLLARD