Written by cHLOE poLLARD


Photo by Quentin Anders and Jan Metternich

Jan Metternich; a 17-year-old musician based in Germany is about to hit the milestone of one million streams on Spotify with his single Wrong. He’s taken the music industry by storm in the year that he’s been producing his own music. Having played the guitar from a young age, Jan now has a total of eight singles out on Spotify with his debut single being Whatever They Say and his most recent called Outta My Head.

Having played the guitar for over ten years, Jan says that he has “always dreamed of releasing my own songs. Last year this dream became true and I released my first single Whatever They Say.” As a mixture of pop and trap, it's easy to see why Jan’s music is so popular even after just a year of releasing music. It has been streamed almost three million times by over 500 thousand people, in over 100 countries this year. A huge milestone to reach, especially a year after releasing a debut single! 

Taking inspiration from anything and everything, Jan’s music has a familiar yet distinctly original sound to it. As soon as Outta My Head starts playing, the amount of talent Jan possesses is obvious immediately. Producing his music himself, Jan starts off by building up the beat, then “if the beat is ready, I’m just trying to find a melody and then I write the lyrics.” This work process is clearly successful given that the track gave off strong Drake vibes and was impossible not to nod along to.

Outta My Head is the most recent release and Jan’s favourite of his tracks, “because I really improved my sound and it took a really long time to get it ready.” I can see this being a hit live! Given that Jan has only been releasing music for around a year and a lot of that time has been spent in quarantine or some form of lockdown, the opportunity to perform a live show hasn't presented itself yet but to “play at...Wireless Festival sometime that would be a big dream.”


Photo by Quentin Anders and Jan Metternich

There are so many important things involved in creating an effective song, something that makes people stop and take a minute to listen. For Jan, “The most important thing is definitely that I’m completely happy with the song. Sometimes I spend a few weeks just changing the mix again and again till I’m satisfied.” This attitude and persistence in producing music is refreshing, even more so when combined with Jan’s goals. “I just want to help people with my music. Maybe they are going through hard times and then they have something they can listen to. I always write...About how I feel at the moment.” 


COVID thankfully hasn’t been too hard on Jan’s music, “I had much more time and could really concentrate on my music.” This has been a positive that many musicians have seen over the past months, and Jan, having released seven singles in 2020, has definitely made the most of that extra time.  


As Jan’s music started to gain more of a following, COVID happened and of course that meant that live performances had to stop. Having been writing music during the pandemic, Jan’s live shows are sure to be amazing when it’s safe for them to return. With a whole arsenal of original material and an already huge following online, he’s sure to leave a mark on the industry.

Having been described as dope and on the up, I for one can't wait to see what Jan does next! Make sure to stream his newest single Outta My Head and check out the rest of his music while you’re there! To make sure you don’t miss out, follow him on social media too!


Interview by cHLOE poLLARD