Written by cHLOE poLLARD


Flipside are a three piece alternative-rock band based in Cornwall. Having recently featured on Flare with a review of their newest and reworked single Empire, the group are bringing a unique new sound to the local music scene. One meeting with two of the three members, Kyle Hunt and Lewis Crofts, was enough to prove that the chemistry between the group is clear, as is their drive to keep the band going throughout COVID. By releasing the revamped version of Empire alongside acoustic track Don’t Leave, the band effectively demonstrated their talent in more than one genre!

Both Kyle and Lewis came to music at a young age, with Kyle stating that “it wasn't something I originally had an interest in in all honesty. I think I was about ten years old and I just remember picking it up and I just naturally took to it” and Lewis telling me that after being bought an acoustic guitar, his “neighbour did lessons and we used to walk his dog and he would teach me how to play, and then I saw he had a bass guitar...So I started picking that up.” It’s clear that both members have a natural talent for music, and this combined with their chemistry is sure to make for a great band.

The band share the dreams of so many others when it comes to what they want from their music, “you wanna be a touring...Well-known musician and you can make a living off of what you do,” Kyle told me, and they want to achieve this while still retaining the creative freedom to produce more than one genre of music. “We decided from an early stage that we wanted to cast a broad net of music and just stuff so we weren’t restricted..That kind of came about when we recorded Lunatic Asylum at Lewis' place.”

This attitude has allowed them to experiment with so many different ideas, Lunatic Asylum being a perfect example. Kyle told me that the idea came about when he and Lewis were just sitting around. Lewis thought of a new idea which was slightly outside of what Flipside did and they gave it a go. “We had this idea of the song that was just off tempo, a mess and just sounded completely wacky and that’s what made us realise that you know music can be what we want it to be.” Giving the idea a try definitely paid off, and out of it the band produced the title track for their EP!


A good song is something everyone defines differently and something incredibly important to take into account when producing a track. To Kyle, the technical side of music production should  have “multiple ears to a situation, even if they're not musical...And I think in our genre anyway what can really make a good song is just the riff.” Rock music is often defined by a riff and “without it a song would just be entirely forgettable or just not very relevant.” Lewis believes the inspiration behind a song is the most important feature. “When I listen to a song, what makes it good is knowing that the artist hasn’t just gone okay let's write a song...It’s gotta be something that’s inspired and creative and you can tell that there’s genuine passion in the song.” These two viewpoints combined prove Flipside’s understanding of the industry as well as their talent for writing music.

Having been hit by COVID, the band chose to draw inspiration from and rework some of their previous material. By releasing the acoustic song, Don’t Leave, alongside Empire, Flipside has further ensured their creative freedom and “it shows new stuff is still coming, we’re not just revamping old stuff we’re still gonna be doing new...Stuff.” Changing up their sound was an effective way of keeping people engaged while they were busy compiling new ideas on a Google Drive document. Kyle described this method of gathering ideas as “one of the best things that happened to us in the lockdown was just this idea of being able to communicate so effectively and put so many ideas up and then know the other person can just revisit them in their own time around like work and college and stuff.”


It’s refreshing to hear that bands are finding unique and effective ways around the current situation. While it’s difficult to overcome some of these issues, Flipside haven't given up! You should definitely go and check out their music and their social media if you haven't already  to make sure you don't miss out on anything they’re doing!


Interview by cHLOE poLLARD