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Photo provided by Cold Company.

Cold Company’s music was recently featured in Flare Magazine with a review of their most recent single, Away We Go. If you missed the review, check it out here! Cold Company is a “one man army, a Covid baby which is set to take the rock world by storm!" Based in Birmingham and created by Joe Bates, Cold Company are producing their own alternative-rock material and released their first EP back in January and was titled Finding My Feet. The six-track debut followed a single called Don’t Fly Too Close which was released last year. 

Joe has grown up surrounded by the music of some pretty big names such as Rob Zombie and Alien Ant Farm and says, “I had a proper nu-metal upbringing I think it's safe to say.” Arctic Monkeys and Eminem were huge influences early on that is until Joe was introduced to Slipknot and was immediately addicted. “I didn't really understand what this weird and scary thing was so from that point on and even to this day I suppose, I still explore every facet of rock and metal and try and draw influence from all different areas!” 

Joe has three goals for Cold Company, “the first is to have my music released on vinyl. The second goal is to release merch, I just think the idea of someone wearing and supporting something that I have made would be so cool! And the final goal is to play Download Festival.” With the style and alternative rock genre that Cold Company are working within currently, I don't think these dreams are unrealistic! The ultimate goal though is to “create a bond with fans and create a community where we can all geek out and be ourselves you know?” 

Having joked at describing Cold Company’s songs as noise rather than music, it’s clear that Joe is a perfectionist when it comes to producing. Clearly pointing at the passion that fuels Cold Company, an appetite for perfection is far from a bad thing to have! Joe would describe his music as “kinda punky alt rock with a bit of metal/light hardcore in there” - an all-round good mix! Influences can change however, “I have seen a lot more punk and indie influences coming through...I mean, I have an Alt-J cover on the horizon!”

Giving us something to look forward to in that new cover, Joe also told us that recently he’s been “seriously embracing the UK rock scene” as inspiration for upcoming music. “Bands like Phoxjaw, Idles, Slaves, Tigercub and Black Foxxes spring to mind” and if that inspiration combined with some pretty incredible riffs are anything to go on, I think these upcoming tracks are going to be unmissable!


Photo provided by Cold Company.

When asked what makes a good song, Joe gave a refreshing and different answer when he claimed that “enjoyment makes good music.” He’s not wrong, and it’s often something that’s overlooked when thinking about what it is that makes music good. “If I’m not enjoying making the music then it won’t be good!” Being able to hear the artist’s enjoyment in a track makes all the difference to the listener too and definitely has the power to make a song far more important to a fan. “All I could ask from a listener is that they enjoy the experience and appreciate the hard work that goes into it!”

Joe’s “favourite Cold Company track so far would be Away We Go” which was released on April 9th and is definitely worth listening to! “My first EP was fun to make but was also just me finding my footing and figuring out how this music thing works. When it came to creating Away We Go, I put a lot more time into finding a tone that I was happy with.” You can check out both the EP and Cold Company’s newest single Away We Go now, and I definitely recommend that you should!  


“But on that note, my favourite track I’ve ever made is the next single to be released...It’s called No, Never so for those of you who have read this interview, you’re ahead of the pack when it comes to Cold Company’s music!” 


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Riffs are a huge part of Cold Company’s music, even down to the process of producing new tracks. “I go through big binging sessions listening to different artists. After a week or so I plug my guitar into my little home studio and just riff away,” and when a starting point of around 20 different riffs has been reached, a lot of them are cut down while the rest are the beginnings of new tracks. The instrumental parts of Cold Company’s songs are clearly really important to Joe and his love of music really comes through well in that.


Interview by cHLOE poLLARD