Written by cHLOE poLLARD


Charlie Hewlett is a 16 year-old singer-songwriter based in North Devon. Having been singing for as long as he can remember, and playing the guitar for around five years, it’s no wonder that his music shows the amount of talent it does! Charlie told me that “music is my passion and my escape. I like to tell stories and express emotion in my songs” and this comes across in both of his singles as well as a clear representation of a love of the outdoors.

Charlie has so far released two singles titled Heaven and Hell and Nonsensical World. Both were released in 2020 and brought positivity and excitement with them in a year where not much went to plan for a lot of people. If these two singles weren’t enough excitement, Charlie is in the process of recording an EP which he hopes to release in time for the summer! “I also create music centred around mental health and the different struggles that people face in this undeniably difficult world we all live in” which makes these singles relatable to many different people.

Charlie’s first single, Heaven and Hell was written a while ago and “is about walking a very thin line and trying to keep balance.” The verses and bridge talk about the different “decisions and situations that try to pull you one way or another" and portrays how Charlie deals with these situations; “for me when I am faced with these decisions and I don’t know what to do, I like to escape into the wild as it is a place where I feel free and calm.” Giving the track a personal feel, the song has clear inspiration and motivation behind it which makes it a pleasure to listen to. 

“I’ve grown up living and breathing the outdoor world, from mountaineering to kayaking, camping to mountain biking and everything in between so a lot of my songs have imagery that links to the outdoors” 


The chorus takes on a darker message and tackles “the thin line that we all walk in life and how for me it seems like I could fall into a Hell where there is a clear harsh reality and the world is very overwhelming or a Heaven which may seem like the perfect place to be but in reality it is just covering up the problems that need to be dealt with.” This concept makes the single relatable, arguably one of the most important things to achieve in a song as it immediately draws listeners into the track.

Heaven and Hell was followed by Charlie’s second single Nonsensical World. Written last year amid the COVID lockdowns and many other situations happening across the world, the track highlights the confusion around these issues. Charlie told me that he often finds “there is always so much going on around the world and it’s hard to separate the truth from the fiction and sometimes I think we can be consumed by the issues that are surrounding us.”

“This song is for anyone who feels overwhelmed and disgusted by the monstrosities that take place all across the planet” with a political aspect added by the bridge. According to Charlie, “no matter who you support or what you believe in, I think we can all say that the world is in a bit of a state at the moment and this song is for anyone who needs an escape from that.”

If you haven’t already, check out Charlie’s two singles, Heaven and Hell and Nonsensical World on Spotify, YouTube , Amazon Music or Apple Music! Make sure to follow Charlie on social media too to make sure you don't miss out on the new EP!


Interview by cHLOE poLLARD