Flare is a platform created to promote and support up and coming musicians and bands during COVID-19, featuring single and album reviews, profiles and interviews.


It has recently expanded to encompass film and television reviews with an aim of supporting and promoting independently released content.


Flare was formed in 2020 by Chloe Pollard and was originally part of a third-year university project.




Favourite Album: Evolve, Imagine Dragons

Favourite Film: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Favourite TV Show: Friends

Hey, I’m Chloe! I’ve specialised in live music and band photography since 2016 and have worked with bands like Circa Waves, Quorum, The Kaizens and so many more! I was one of the founding members of Chalk Magazine alongside four others who work in or are interested in the music industry. Check it out to see some of my previous work!

More recently, I'm looking to get into the film and tv industry to shoot stills and unit specials for upcoming feature films and shows!